The lemonade recipe of Elly la Fripouille

With this heat, would you like a lemonade?

Elly's lemonade recipe is super easy to make and will please little and big kids alike.
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Sea or mountains? The dilemma every summer.

Vacations are always a great time of fun that we look forward to all year. But the hardest part is choosing a destination that will please the whole family. Between the sea and the mountains, the choice is not always easy.
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Let's test your knowledge in UV protection

How much do you really know about UV rays? Test your knowledge with the  Elly la Fripouille Quiz and get ready for a sunburn-free summer!
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How to choose the right sunglasses for your little one?

It is essential to provide your kid with the right pair of sunglasses. It's not just a question of style, but above all a question of health. We will guide you in choosing the right sunglasses to give your child maximum UV protection.
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Elly la Fripouille is making every summer greater!

Elly la Fripouille makes your family summer greater! Protect your kids with our UV UPF50+ Swimwear, they will look stylish and will have a lot of fun during the whole summer!
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Top 10 of the most beautiful beaches in the world

This Top 10 of the most beautiful beaches in the world will help you to find your next holidays destination!
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Win a UV "Flamingo" Family Set for this summer! Entry our giveaway!
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Stay Sun-safe this Summer!

It’s natural to want to get out in the sun during warm summer days. You also need to remember that UV rays can be harmful so you need to keep you and your children safe. Elly la Fripouille gives you tips to keep your family well protected from the sun!
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The best tips on travelling with kids this summer

Follow our top survival tips including pre-planning and potty training to make travelling with kids this summer a breeze.
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What's up with all the chemicals in our sunscreen?

The damaging effect of the sun when our skin is exposed to it is accumulated from a young age, to prevent this from happening, Elly la Fripouille recommends...
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