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Authentic Made in Italy

Elly La Fripouille sunglasses premium

Elly La Fripouille guarantees genuine A to Z Made in Italy sunglasses.

For more than a century Italian sunglasses have been synonymous with guarantee of quality. In addition to the high quality, sunglasses made in Italy today are also internationally appreciated and recognized for their innovative design.

These sunglasses made in Italy are however more common among adults, and usually come in steep price.

Elly la Fripouille is proud to be the first brand that offers affordable baby and kids sunglasses without compromising any degrees of protection nor quality.

French Design

Elly La Fripouille sunglasses premium

France is often perceived as one of the most fashionable countries in the world. French fashion is world-known for its chic and classy designs.

Incarnating the French touch, Elly la Fripouille is not only inheriting the ever-lasting classy designs, we are also daring with fearless colors such as neon yellow and funky pink.

Mix and match different frame colors with your kids’ outfits and help them create their unique clothing style.

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