Elly's story

It's all about Family.

Elly la Fripouille's story began in 2010.

I was a trademark attorney passionate about fashion and my husband, Fabrice, an entrepreneur from a family of fashion industry entrepreneurs over the past 40 years. We were young parents who had come back from a trip to Australia where we discovered the idea of UV protection, which hadn't yet made its way to Europe.


The Idea and Concept

We liked the idea of sun protective swimwear, but found the designs a bit so-so, the colours boring and the shapes old fashioned. Additionally, using anti-UV thermo-breathable fabric wasn't yet in fashion!

When we returned home to Deauville in France, I started thinking about a way to improve on the concept. 

While I was pregnant with my second child, I had the idea of adapting the concept for the very youngest, who are the most sensitive to the sun's rays. I drew my first sketches on the famous beaches of Deauville. 

Inspired by the coast of Normandy that is so loved by our family, it was natural for me to take another look at the classic sailor suit, creating a fun and cool striped anti-UV set that was bright and trendy: The "Elly la Fripouille" brand was born. 

Fripouille is a French word meaning naughty, mischievous, playful, ... If you want to pronounce it you have to say [El-ee la Free-poo-ee]. 

The brand is named after our eldest daughter, Elly, a mischievous minx who was the inspiration for our beautifully designed, playful and dreamy world. 

To ensure our designs are of the best quality, we carefully select high quality fabrics, certified free of chemicals harmful to the health of infants and children, and also respectful of the environment ( OEKO TEX STANDARD 100). 


Nowadays we are proud to say that our anti-UV clothing is recommended by dermatologists and pediatricians.  

Our first Nautical collection was an instant success. The swimwear was sold in luxury outlets, Hotels (The Four Seasons being one example), and other high end children's clothes shops in Europe and Asia, where french brand's resonate very well.

Because you want to protect your children from the sun without necessarily dressing them up like surfers, Elly la Fripouille has created bright, trendy outfits with all the benefits of UV protection. 

Each item has a common DNA - French fashion sense, absolute comfort and maximum sun protection, all anchored in a child's world view.  

This year, we are launching a stylish, colorful, limited edition collection for young at heart parents (girls and boys!) and a capsule collection of anti-UV sailor T-shirts for pregnant women!  

Welcome to our Fripouille's world full of colors and playful style!

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