Wash & care instructions

Composition of Elly La Fripouille’s swimwear

All our swimwear are made of 80% polyamide tissue and 20% elastane. To block the UV rays, we tightened the fibers to a maximum degree to make the swimsuit opaque.

How to take care of your swimwear

Thanks to our high quality tissues, Elly La Fripouille’s swimwear does not shrink and is 100% washable with washing machine.

To maintain your Elly La Fripouille swimsuit in its perfect condition, here are some tips and advice.

  1. Rinse your anti-UV swimsuit after each usage with clean water
    Remember to clean your swimsuit after every swim as the remaining chlore from the pool, or the salt from seawater could damage your pretty swimsuit.
  2. Wash your swimsuit at low temperature.
    It does not matter if you swam in a pool or in the sea, the chlore and salt are the worst enemy of your swimsuit. Hand wash your swimsuit with water at 40°
  3. Don’t tumble dry your swimsuit
    Tumble dry will damage both lycra and spandex in your swimsuit. It might also detach the decoration from your swimsuit.
  4. Dry on a flat surface
    After washing your swimsuit, squeeze out the excessive water without stretching it too much. (tip: wrap your swimsuit inside a towel). Afterwards, you can dry it by either laying it on a flat surface, or hanging it on a hanger.
  5. Alternate your swimsuit
    If you have more than one swimsuit, try to give your swimsuit at least one day break before wearing it again. Lycra and Spandex need 24 hours to return to their original shape.
  6. Avoid accumulating products
    Sunscreen, oil and other cosmetic products stain sometimes, and may even ruin a swimsuit. Avoid dropping such products on your swimsuit.
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