Your Babies First Swimming Lesson- How To


The fear of taking your little bundle of joy swimming for the first time is a truly understandable one. So, we have compiled our top tips for taking your little one into the pool for the first time!

  1. Make sure the pool you are swimming is heated to at least 86°F. You don't want your baby to be uncomfortable in the cold water.

    Hydrotherapy pools are great for babies, and they can swim from day one in them. In a regular swimming pool you should wait until they are 12lb to take them in.

  2. When planning ahead make sure to leave thirty minutes between nursing and the pool, and an hour between solids and the pool. Going in too soon after a feed can upset the stomach.

  3. Wear sun protective swimwear! To keep your child safe from the suns harmful rays, suit them up in UV swimwear with maximal protection UPF 50+ (for babies, we recommend one-piece sunsuit). Also, don't forget to apply that sunscreen generously to ensure your child a burn free swim. 

  4. Call ahead and check if your center has a play pen facility for your child to enjoy during changing. This can be a game changer for you to relax while your child is happy playing away.

  5. Take your own changing mat! While your swimming center will most likely provide changing tables and the like, the amount of germs and dirt on there is just not worth it! Bring along a lightweight mat to throw on top of whatever is provided to keep your bundle germ free.

  6. Most importantly, enjoy! We understand this may cause your heart to drop or your stomach to turn, but this is just like any milestone and should only bring you much pride and joy!

Happy splashes little ones!

Chana Avtzon
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