The Perfect Beach Bag!

There's nothing better than a day of sand and sun, but you don't want to arrive empty-handed. Packing smart with our Top 10 Beach Essentials will ensure your day is truly a perfect one. 

  1. Water
    H20, we cannot stress this enough. Doctors recommend at least 8 glasses a day. When in the sun, we recommend even more. In these hot summer months, nothing is more important than staying hydrated. Fear your water getting warm? Try freezing them the night before, or try an insulated bottle for cold water all day long. Hate the taste of water? Try coconut water. We love the all-natural refreshing taste that it has.

  2. Sun Protective Clothing
    You all know that we at Elly are the biggest advocates for sun-protective clothing and swimwear. The easiest and safest way to keep yourself protected from the harmful UV rays, the leading cause of skin cancer, and other skin diseases. Keep your babies and children protected in and out of the water with our beautiful line of UPF 50+ swimwear. Shop it here. For more reasons and information on the sun protective fabric, clothing, and swimwear check out this post

  3. Sunscreen
    For the exposed skin not covered by swimwear, we say, go stock up on the highest SPF sunscreen you can find! When it comes to sunscreen, the type of sunscreen you wear is as important as how you use it. Check out our blog post with all the sunscreen tips you need. 

  4. Beach Towel
    The bigger the better! A beach towel is so multi-purpose. Dry off from the salty water, use as a picnic blanket to keep your food sand free, layout with your little ones for some chill time, and more. Pack this on the side or on top of your bag, so you don't need to tip the whole thing over just to reach your towel. 

  5. Wide Brimmed Hat

    One of the hardest things to keep from getting sunburnt is your scalp. The easiest way to avoid the feeling of sunscreen in your hair is a wide brimmed hat. Keep your head protected and the sun out of your eyes with a hat with a 3-inch brim or wider. We've got the cutest reversible sunhats for your girls. Shop here

  6. Sunglasses

    Do you like squinting when the sun's in your eyes? Didn't think so. Don't forget a pair of your favorite sunnies with sun protection. To keep your children from breaking yours we've created unbreakable sunglasses for the little ones, with 100% sun protection to keep them safe and looking oh-so-cool! Shop here.

  7. Healthy Snacks
    It's easy to skip the fried food from the boardwalk if you come prepared. Cut up some fruit and veggies, and prepare a couple sandwiches to grab out when you get the munchies.

  8. Entertainment
    A good read at the beach is truly an essential. Whether it's a heartthrob romance or a mysterious murder, keep yourself entertained with a good paperback. Check out our list of summer must-reads here.

  9. Bucket and Shovel
    Building the beaches finest sand castle is a must! Bring out your inner child and show your little ones your sand building skills, they'll be impressed! Come prepared with the necessary tools, so you don't have to buy or borrow from other beach goers.

  10. Extras
    Last but not least, create a little goody-bag or container filled with the small essentials so that you don't have to rummage around for the small stuff. Fill it with a hair tie, chapstick, bandaids, sanitizer, wallet, phone etc. 

Check out some more cool tips, with our video of our favorite beach hacks here.

Ramener à la plage! Bring on the beach!!

Chana Avtzon
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