The lemonade recipe of Elly la Fripouille

With this heat, would you like a lemonade?

Elly's recipe is super easy to make and will please little and big kids alike.
INGREDIENTS (for 1L of lemonade):
- 2 yellow lemons
- 1 lime
- 25g of cane sugar
- 1 bunch of fresh mint
- 1 liter of still or sparkling water, as desired
- Squeeze all the lemons to extract the juice, remembering to set aside a few slices for decoration.
- In a large carafe, start by mixing the lemon juice with the sugar to melt it.
- Then add the mint leaves cut into strips to release their fragrance.
- Then add the water little by little, stirring continuously.
- Leave to stand in a cool place for at least an hour to allow the water to infuse the lemon and mint flavors.
- Before serving, stir the mixture well and add slices of lemon for decoration.
Enjoy! 🍋

Hong Kong Team
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