The best tips on travelling with kids this summer

Summer means a change up in routine even for the little kids. Travelling with young babies (especially between the ages of 3 to 6) can be such joy as the kindergarden age is when they are the most curious and interested in the world or should I say EVERYTHING around them. That said, your patience will be tested more than once or twice as you will be faced with endless questions including what every crab is on the beach or what is that flying on the sky? (It’s a plane...). Not to worry, follow our top survival tips including pre-planning and potty training to make travelling with kids this summer a breeze. Now don't go forgetting to pack that UV sunscreen protection. 

Before you go…

Read books about the destination
This helps to prepare your babies and children on what to expect and get them excited just by looking at the pictures featuring your upcoming vacation and hearing about what is there to do. Getting their responses will give you an idea of the places where you should and should not plan to take them to avoid a chaotic trip, in addition to adding more places to your itinerary list.

Introducing foreign foods at home before the trip
All children are fussy eaters but it’s best to start young when introducing different ranges of food for them to eat and prior to going on a trip is no exception. Start introducing paella, sushi or other types of ‘foreign’ foods to them before setting off to a new beach vacation. With that said, it is also safe to pack a peanut butter jam sandwich just in case.

Pack the essentials even for emergencies
No vacations are complete without a glimmer of sunshine, even if you think it is highly unlikely that you will be waking up that early every morning to go for a swim - pack that swimsuit. Take your baby along and enjoy some early morning splash fun, Elly has just the thing to ensure your baby is fully protected. Our UV swimsuits and sunglasses helps you block out 98% of the sun's ultraviolet radiation because we understand how important your health is. 

Up in the air…
Flying with little kids can be nightmare for most parents but with a few tricks, the experience can be the opposite – even a pleasant one.

Have your kids wear training pants
Even if your little one is generally dry during the day, you might not want to put them in diaper-like garments but it’s always better safe than sorry! With these on, even if they are strapped into their seat and can’t make the bathroom in time, they will still avoid making a mess accident.

Pack surprise gifts
This can be applied to any kinds of trips you take, buy a few inexpensive toys and wrap them up. During the trip, ration with them to be on their best behavior and treat them to a ‘new toy’ every few hours to keep them occupied. 

Eating out? Eat early
You will avoid the crowds if you are seated at the restaurant by 5pm. Ask for the bill as soon as the meal arrives for a quick escape, in the event of the kids having a meltdown.

Anne Shearman
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