Sea or mountains? The dilemma every summer.

Vacations are always a great time of fun that we look forward to all year. But the hardest part is choosing a destination that will please the whole family. Between the sea and the mountains, the choice is not always easy.
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Elly la Fripouille is making every summer greater!

Elly la Fripouille makes your family summer greater! Protect your kids with our UV UPF50+ Swimwear, they will look stylish and will have a lot of fun during the whole summer!
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The best tips on travelling with kids this summer

Follow our top survival tips including pre-planning and potty training to make travelling with kids this summer a breeze.
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What's up with all the chemicals in our sunscreen?

The damaging effect of the sun when our skin is exposed to it is accumulated from a young age, to prevent this from happening, Elly la Fripouille recommends...
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Pool Safety

This one's important! Staying safe by the pool is essential, especially in these months where we frequent the pool more than ever. 
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The Perfect Beach Bag!

There's nothing better than a day of sand and sun, but you don't want to arrive empty-handed. Pack smart with our Top 10 Beach Essentials.
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Splashing Fun!

Check this out for some "Splashing Fun" ideas to keep you happy all Summer long. Also, check out our best tips at staying sun safe to avoid the UV rays!
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Best tips for traveling with children this summer!

Travelling with children is the the biggest cause of stress for the parents.
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