Sea or mountains? The dilemma every summer.

Vacations are always a great time of fun that we look forward to all year long. But the hardest part is choosing a destination that will please the whole family. Between the sea and the mountains, the choice is not always easy.

Elly la Fripouille has listed for you the "pros" and "cons", hoping that it will help you to decide.


Tails - Holidays at the sea:

The sea in the summer remains the favorite destination of every family. Every year, they like to be on the beach, in the shade of palm trees ... surrounded with family, friends and even tourists!

The beach is the perfect place to relax, forget your daily worries and fill up on vitamin D. But beware of the harmful effects of the sun, especially for your little ones. Remember to stay well hydrated, to regularly apply sunscreen and avoid the times when the sun is strongest, generally between 11am and 4pm. Instead, take a nap in the shade before going for a swim in complete safety. Also, for your little ones, remember to equip them with anti-UV clothing, hats or caps, and especially sunglasses because the eyes of the little ones are much more permeable to UV rays than ours!


For those who don't like to just sunbathe, there is no lack of water activities: surfing, paddle, catamaran, water skiing, diving... and so on.

As for gastronomy, you will surely find what you are looking for with fish and seafood straight out of the water, from the day's catch. 

Pros: very dynamic in summer, many activities and animations, idyllic setting. 


Cons: the world, the pollution, the often high cost in high season. 


Heads - Mountain vacations: 

For several years, we have noticed that more and more people let themselves be captivated by the mountains in summer. They like the nature, the pure air and especially the calmness because there are less tourists.

Vacations in the mountains are usually fun for the whole family because there are many activities. Hiking, swimming in the lake, mountain biking, rafting, ziplining ... or relaxing and napping on the terrace of the cabin. 

But be careful, because even in the mountains, the sun can take its toll. Always remember to protect yourself and your little ones. We often tend to underestimate the effects of the sun in the mountains, thinking that it is only in a bathing suit at the beach that we can get sunburned. But not at all! Always have the right UV protection and equipment with you for a safe vacation. 

Finally, in terms of gastronomy, you will also be able to enjoy yourself. Between mountain dishes and cheese platters, you will know how to please yourself. 

Pros: calm, fresh air, nature, sports activities, lower cost because of the low season in summer.  

Cons: little activity, few shops in the vicinity.


Afterwards, if you still have trouble choosing between the sea or the mountains, go for the sea AND mountain option! For example in Corsica or in the Atlantic Pyrenees. The important thing is to make nice memories with your family or friends and to always protect yourself from UV rays.

Happy Holidays Fripouilles!!!


For more information on sun protection for babies, we invite you to read our article: How to choose the right sunglasses for your little one?

Hong Kong Team
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