Pool Safety

This one's important! Staying safe by the pool is essential, especially in these months where we frequent the pool more than ever. Always keep these tips in mind, and make your kiddos familiar with them as well for a worry free pool day.

Never leave children unattended. Even if they can swim, make sure you or someone else is always watching. If you must step away for a moment, make sure you replace your eyes with someone else's. 

Use a buddy system. If your kids are going in with others, pair them up to keep an extra eye out for each other. 

Only swim with lifeguards. Unless you are certified, make sure to only swim in pools with a lifeguard on duty. They are the only ones who REALLY know what to do in an emergency. 

Pool fence. If you are a pool owner, install a pool fence with a high-quality lock to keep your adventurous ones from running in unattended. Keep it locked at ALL TIMES. 

No running. Lead by example. Teach your kids not to run or act wildly around the pool. The pool area is slippery, take the necessary precautions. 

Swimming lessons. Not only will this help your kids feel macho cool doing their laps, it will make them more confident in the water. Confidence in the water is important so they don't panic. 

Don't cry wolf. Make sure your kids know to only call out from the water in an emergency. 

Keep all toys out of the pool. When not in use, keep the toys out of the pool to avoid the kids, especially the babies, trying to go back in to get them.

Sun safety. In outdoor pools, make sure to wear sun protective swimwear, and apply sunscreen. Preferably 15 minutes before going into the pool. Check out our beautiful UPF 50+ sun protective swimwear for babies, boys, and girls here.

Now that we've covered that, splish splash away! Stay safe!

Alban De Villeneuve
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