Meet Fashion Mama- Danielle Davis.

We at Elly La Fripoullie would love to introduce you to our Fashion Mama, Danielle Davis.

Danielle is the owner of Today's the Best Day. After struggling with infertility and finally being able to become a mom through InVitro Fertilization, Danielle is passionate about motherhood. She knows that being a mom is hard work, but believes it can also be fun! She strives to provide creative and uplifting content in order to enrich the parenting experience for women everywhere. It is her goal to help you and your family make EVERY day, the BEST day! You can also follow her on Facebook & Instagram

Check out our interview with Danielle here:

Your Favorite Summer Playlist:
When I have my little one with me, it's guaranteed I am jammin' out to the latest Disney Pandora station. :) Gotta love that MOM LIFE! In my own time, I love dancing to the newest hits and throwing in a little country here and there! Carrie Underwood is my idol! 

Your Top Summer Reads:
I have never been much of a reader, but as my husband and I continue to grow our businesses I have been WRAPPED in business that boring?! I love to listen to self-improvement podcasts and learning how to build my tribe on Today's The Best Day! Three of my favorite books this Summer are Essenentialism, Extreme Ownership and Give & Take.

Essential Beach Bag:
I am in LOVE with my Coco & Kiwi Provence Bag! It is gorgeous, sturdy and BIG for all of my mommy needs! 

What is your Favorite Fashion Trend of the Season?
This Summer you will find me sporting tee shirt dresses ALL DAY, EVERY DAY!! They are comfy, super easy to put on and you can wear them anywhere by dressing them up or down! I also love tying a little bit of plaid around my waist for a little accessory! 

How do you keep you and your kids safe in the sun?
I think there are so many different opinions these days on what is best for our children and what's horrible. Our personal favorite way of keeping cool AND protecting from the sun this summer is our CUTE swimsuit with UV sun protective fabric!! 

                    (Danielle's Daughter- Laila, in Elly La Fripoullie)


What is your favorite summer destination?
Anywhere that has a BEACH! I can't let a Summer pass us by, without getting my toes into some sand and ocean water! 

Favourite family-friendly holiday spots and why?
We LOVE renting cabins or beach houses as a family and spending quality time together. NOTHING is better than waking up and staying in your pajamas all day, eating yummy food, playing games, laughing your head off, swimming, BBQing and not showering until 6pm. Making memories is our favorite thing and whether that is up in the mountains or down on the beach - Family Time is the BEST Time! 

Bucket list destinations – GO!
Oh man - my list is forever long! I would love to visit all of the islands of Hawaii, Tahiti and the Bahamas. I have also DREAMED of going to Bora Bora one day. I also think it would be amazing to travel to Europe and see the beautiful sites in France & Italy.

What are your top tips for traveling with babies?
My number one tip is always to remember that they are babies. Just like we are learning how to be moms and adults - these little ones are learning how to be babies and children! Have patience. Take lots of stops along the way. Don't rush anything. Take TONS of pictures {they grow way too fast!}. Overpack - I am all about having too much, rather then not enough. Extra outfits and extra pairs of diapers or underwear is always a good idea. And have FUN. That is what is most important! Make EVERY day, the BEST day! 

What do your kids love to do most on a hot summer day?
It gets REALLY hot in the Summer so if we are outside - you will ALWAYS find us in the pool, running through sprinklers or at a splash pad. It is SO important to keep cool, stay hydrated and protect our cute kids from the sun! And THAT is exactly why Elly la Fripouille swimsuits are the PERFECT suits for our littles this Summer! 

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