Summer Food Bash


Always been scared to be the host of a party? Fear not, Summer is the perfect chance to host, and have fun doing it. Whether it be a picnic, a BBQ, or anything in between hosting can be lots of fun and a breeze as well.

Here are some fun ideas we've brought together to make your Summer food bash one to remember!

  1. Decoration
    Obviously, keep it summer colors all the way! Lucky for you the web has got you covered. Go funky, and ensure yourself a spot on all your friends Social Medias, #summerfoodbash #omg #amazing !!

  2. Brunch
    Brunch is usually to cure a hangover, so I will just safely assume that any summer weekend, and you have a hangover to cure. In the rare case that you don't, don't skip this over because brunch is fun for those of all ages and sobriety. Brunch is cool because both breakfast and lunch foods are allowed, so the sky is really the limit on this one. Feel free to serve pancake's, or feel free to serve pizza, all is allowed at this magical hour. 

  3. Picnic
    If planning something during the day, a family and friends picnic is definitely a fun way to go. For a special touch, contact those coming and ask for their sandwich requests, and that will ensure less waste and happy customers. Grab those sandwiches, some fruit's and veggies, lemonade, and whatever else tickles your picnic fancy and enjoy the sunny day outside.

  4. BBQ
    This one makes me super duper stupendously excited! I mean, grilled meat, roasted veggies, and some booze, I'm getting excited just at the thought! Nothing is more traditional about July 4th than a BBQ, and a BBQ is always a crowd pleaser and fun all around. Keep it interesting with a toppings bar for your hotdogs and hamburgers, and GET CREATIVE! Bring out fried onions, pineapples, and your kitchen fridge to satisfy everyone's taste buds that evening.

So, HAPPY Summer, and join us for a diet right after-- We know we'll need it! 

Chana Avtzon
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