Family Travel Tips: Tips for Managing Jet Lag with Kids

When traveling far from home, the idea of crossing time zones with a baby is one of the biggest worries for most parents.

"Experts say that "it takes one day for every hour difference to truly recover from time zone changes”

Don't let jet lag ruin your overseas trip for you or your little ones. Here are our top tips for dealing with jetlag: 

- Change Your Family's Bedtime
Start resetting children's internal clocks three days prior to departure by adjusting bedtimes earlier

- Try to get an overnight flight
Arriving in daylight is better to beat jetlag.

- Plan for the first day of activities to include plenty of time outdoors
While you might feel more in sync with your new time zone by day two, Plan for the first day of activities to include plenty of time outdoors.
If you find your children getting really sleepy at the wrong time and want to help your body adjust faster, the best thing to do is to go out for a walk (avoid passive activities like TV they usually does not work).

- Catch Some Rays
Daylight has been proven to help regulate your bodyclock back to normal.
Sleep with the shades open if you can so your body sees the morning light.
During night time, try to keep the lights out and the blackout drapes closed.

- Push back the kids bedtime for the first few days

- Consider Sleep Aids
Many people swear by melatonin or other over-the-counter sleep aids to help with their adjustment

- Make sure you eat before going to bed
Your body can think it's dinner time or lunch time in the middle of the night and it will wake you up

 Have any other good jet lag tips? Please share!

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