Beach Hacks by Elly La Fripoullie +VIDEO

We all LOVE a good beach day! Sand in our toes, and the cool ocean waves rolling up to shore. Here are some Smart Beach Hacks we've gathered to make that beach day so much better!

  1. Use a fitted sheet to protect your belongings from the sand.
    Tired of coming home to find everything you brought back is full of sand? Turn your fitted sheet into a box of sorts by standing it up with a heavy item on the four corners, and keep all your food and toys sand free!

  2. Bring baby powder to the beach to easily remove sand.
    Sometimes sand just won't budge. It seems to be stuck to our skin. Just sprinkle on some baby powder, and voila! All that sand will just come straight off. 
  3. Use an empty cream tub to store keys and cash.
    Unfortunately, we can't trust all beachgoers with our valuable possessions. But, which snooper will go looking in a cream tub for some extra cash? Clean out a used cream tub and make it your safe box at the beach.

  4. Keep valuables rolled up in a diaper.
    Alternatively, place your precious possessions in a rolled up diaper. Chances are, most people will think it's a dirty one and stay far far away!

  5. Place your touchscreen phone in a ziplock bag.
    A million waterproof cases on the market, and just as easy to make your own. Slip your phone in a ziplock, close it tight and there you go!

  6. Squirmy kids? Pain to get that sunscreen on? Opt for UPF 50+ Sun Protective Swimwear.
    Shop Elly's beautiful line of UPF Sun Protective rash-guard swimwear, for boys and girls for the optimal way to stay protected from the sun.

  7. Freeze aloe vera gel in ice-cube trays for soothing sunburn relief. 
    If after taking all the precautions of slip on sun protective swimwear, sloping on high SPF sunscreen, and slapping on a wide brimmed hat, you still end up with a burn. Try this genius hack. 
  8. Freeze your water bottles, instead of bringing ice packs to keep your snacks cool.
    Instead of dragging along reusable ice packs to keep your cold food from getting warm, freeze your water bottles overnight and use those as an "ice pack" to keep your food cold. You'll also have a cold refreshing drink to enjoy.

  9. Transform your entire look with jewelry-inspired temporary tattoos.
    Reppn' Coachella! All the rage at today's festivals, let's bring them to the beach. These fun metallic tattoos help dress up your beach look, and can take you into dinner at a classy restaurant as well. 

Check out our video with all these cool hacks, here

Chana Avtzon
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