At Home Ice Pops

Picture this: hot summer day spent outside beachside with lots of laughter and smiles to go around. What could make this day any better? A cold ice pop, oh the nostalgia! Those cold, sugary, colored, sticks are our favorite childhood treat. As much as we love them, they are FULL OF SUGAR, let me repeat that, MADE OF SUGAR. So, unless you want cavities, and an expensive dentist bill, we suggest you make those store bought ice pops a thing of the past, and have some fun making them at home with our new favorite, sealable ice pop bags, to make your own delicious pops at home!

We have compiled our 3 favorite recipes to make and freeze in these adorable bags.

  1. MANGO RASPBERRY VANILLA YOGURT POPS! Read that again, and I hope you're already on your way to making them and having them in your life. This new take on an ice pop is a perfect summer day treat. With the summery fruits, and the frozen yogurt, it tastes creamy and fresh, and truly addictive. 
    Check out the recipe here

  2. PINEAPPLE ORANGE ICE POPS! This one hits a home run! As refreshing as it gets, the combo of pineapple and orange flavors screams summer and definitely satisfies the heat waves this season brings. Although this recipe calls to blend until smooth, We love to leave the pineapple slightly chunky to give the pop an extra texture and bite. 
    Check out the recipe here.

  3. MIMOSA ICE POPS! Mamas this one is strictly for you! What is better than a mimosa poolside? A frozen MIMOSA ICE POP POOLSIDE! Make these ahead of time, and invite the girlfriends over for a GNI (girls night in). Tuck the kids in and consume responsibly ;). 
    Check out the recipe here.

For more fun ideas, just hit up the web, and be blown away by the endless options and enjoy this fun new way of enjoying your favorite summer treat.

Chana Avtzon
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