9 tips to make your children eat vegetables

It is a common knowledge that children detest vegetables. However, getting them to eat more veggies doesn’t have to be a fight. You can try a lot of creative ways to add them onto their plates!
Try these sneaky tips to introduce more “greens” into your family:
  1. Do not battle over veggies
If you force your children or get mad at them, they might close themselves up and lead them to avoid vegetables later. Start slowly with a small portion, offer a new vegetable with a familiar one at a time for them to get used to different types gradually.
  1. You must cook
Do not expect them to eat steamed and natural veggies. If they have a particular type that they dislike, you should try to cook it by adding flavors and other textures that they like. You may grill, fry or pan it with a tasty sauce, their favorite starches or with some sweet spices.
  1. Become a master of camouflage
If you want them to eat carrots, for example, try the “carrots and cheese soufflé. ” When you use a tomato sauce, do not forget to add onions. Prepare chicken-veggie nuggets, zucchini French fries or a savory cake! You will see them enjoying their food without knowing that they are eating veggies!
  1. Add their favorite flavors
To make them want to eat what you prepare, add something they love. For instance, if they like cheese, spread some grated cheese on your new dish!
  1. Try some liquidized or smashed vegetables
Try to prepare colorful soups or smoothies! Children like to eat different textures with different colors, hot or cold, you can also make them drink their soup or smoothie with a drinking straw!
If you choose to do smashed veggies, try to spread the puree on your toasts, and add on some ham or cheese.
  1. Color your dishes
Use fruits that have brighter colors, and cook a few different veggies (yellow pepper, grilled tomatoes, basilica, carrots, green beans or eggplant…) to get a dish full of colors.
  1. Be creative with your plate presentation
Make your children’s plates more fun! Black olives for the eyes, ketchup as a mouth, cheese for the nose… Your child will adore it and maybe forget about the veggies underneath! Show them cute faces, giant houses or banana boats will surely help get the veggies from their plates into their mouths. Just be creative!
  1. Bring them to a farmer’s market
Nothing like a walk to the fresh market! Help them discover different vegetables, colors, smells, and textures. Do not hesitate to let them participate in picking out their own veggies. Make your children be a part of the buying process and they will appreciate their choices on their plates.
  1. Invite them to cook with you
Let them wash, peel and slice the vegetables and teach them how to cook. Children are more likely to eat what they have helped to make.
Amelie Rondole
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