5 Top Summer Trip Ideas

We live in a forever moving world. Something new is old the next day. We easily get bored of the exciting, and crave something different to keep us excited. 

So out with the "annual lake summer trips", and in with switching it up every summer to see more and do new things you would have never dreamt of. 

We have compiled our top 5 Summer Trip ideas, including beaches, cities, activities, and more.
(This compilation refers mostly to USA, but most activities can be found worldwide.)

Of course on any Summer trip, you must be careful with the sun. Make sure to stay SUN SAFE, so slip slop slap, with UPF sun protective clothing, high SPF sunscreen, and a wide brimmed hat!

  1. Take a ROAD TRIP!
    Road trips are really a great way to take a 1-2 week family vacation. They provide for great laughter, beautiful sights, and lots of family bonding. Find a cheap RV rental near you, and go take on the magnificent places this country has to offer. For those with more time, go from coast to coast. If time is short, stay on your coast and go up or down. Our personal favorite is down the west coast. Starting from Seattle, and ending in LA. We stopped in Oregon, and Vancouver, and many different cities throughout California. The beauty America has is real, take advantage!

    (Provincetown, MA)

    Somedays all we want to do is sit back on a beach and relax! This summer, let's do just that! This summer, don't just settle for Miami Beach, because as beautiful and fun as that destination is, there is so much more to explore. Check out Portland, Maine, or Provincetown, Massachusetts. These beautiful beach towns provide the most serene settings and views this country has. Once you're in these towns take day trips and explore the city and its culture.

    (Grand Canyon)

    This one can be anywhere from a day long, to a couple day ordeal. Brave the great outdoors, strap on those hiking boots, and hit the rocks! Our most favorite is the beautiful Grand Canyon, where you can hike and camp and continue to be awed day after day. Many Hiking trails have accommodations of food and board along the way, and provide both an indoor or camping experience for you to choose. 

    Tis the season! Seriously, this is the season for picking the most tasty summer fruits. Find your nearest berry, cherry, apple, etc. farm and book a slot to bring your kids picking. Once you're all covered in sunscreen and a hat, let your kids enjoy what nature truly has to offer. Take the fruits home and create a delicious pie with what you've collected. 

    I won't lie, this is a smelly option, but the smiles and shrieks of excitement make it all worth it. Teach your children how to fish, if you don't know how to then learn with them. Lots of fishing villages rent out boats and instructors to provide you with a true fishing experience. The excitement that comes from catching a fish after so many tries is fantastic, and its an easy way to get your dinner that night. Be aware of the bones in fresh fish, but aside from that, it will truly be the best you've ever tasted.

Make sure to take along a camera to document these precious memories, that you will remember forever!

Chana Avtzon
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