Lemonade Recipes For Summer: Cool down with this classic summer refreshment!

They seem to be a thing of the past, but let your child be the one to bring it back!

We’re talking about the ancient lemonade stands, the tastiest way to cool down on a hot summer day.

That tangy and sweet drink with a couple of ice cubes was all we ever needed when melting from the summer sun.If putting together a lemonade stand is not in your child's card, be selfish, and whip up a pitcher, or two, or three all for yourself.

You’ll thank us later.

While classic lemonade is definitely the way to our heart, nowadays it’s ALL about variations of old classics.

Here are 12 different and exciting ways to change-up your Lemonade game.

Get squeezing, and enjoy!

Here are 12 to die for lemonade recipes to try this summer, courtesy of The Style House!:

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Chana Avtzon
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